Plygain for Peace: Appreciating Welsh Christmas Music

I’m slightly belated relative to the beginning of the season of Advent, but Christmas hasn’t come yet, so it’s not too late for a few thoughts on the music of the season! As a second-language Welsh speaker, I was at first unfamiliar with Welsh music, but learning the language gave me entry to an entire…

O Dewch i Ben y Mynydd

Early in my journey of learning Welsh, I encountered a poem by the 19th century bard Mynyddog (given name Richard Davies). Though he enjoyed some notoriety during his own lifetime, he wasn’t an astounding poet and isn’t particularly remembered or celebrated as such today. And yet, he made some contributions to Welsh culture that have,…

The Many Names of October 31

Autumn and the Halloween season always put me in the mood for horror movies. I love the way that the best of them – the really thoughtful, compelling ones – enable us to face our deepest fears, to sit with them and better understand them. There are other kinds of horror circulating at this time…


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