Hunaniaeth o’ch Dewis

Read this post in English here. Yn sgil sylwadau angharedig yn newyddion diweddar y Deyrnas Unedig, mae’r iaith Gymraeg wedi bod yn bwnc o ddiddordeb cyhoeddus, ac oherwydd taw Mawrth 1af yw Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, dw i wedi cael fy symbylu i feddwl am hunaniaeth Gymreig. Ni fyddaf yn anrhydeddu’r sylwadau yna gyda dolenniContinue reading “Hunaniaeth o’ch Dewis”

The Identity You Choose

Darllenwch y post yma yn Gymraeg. Thanks to some unkind commentary in the UK news recently, the Welsh language has been a topic of interest, and as March 1 will be St David’s Day (the national holiday of Wales), I’ve been prompted to think about Welsh identity. I won’t dignify the aforementioned “unkind commentary” withContinue reading “The Identity You Choose”

Soft Tyranny

I remember when George W. Bush talked about “the soft bigotry of low expectations”. I think we should consider the applicability of a similar spirit to a new category.  I think America might have a problem with soft tyranny.  We don’t get dragged out of our homes in the middle of the night by theContinue reading “Soft Tyranny”

The Gods Return

An original poem. we see it first from afarthe shadow on Saturnsliding across smooth rings a glimpseof a puck on ice eyes and telescopespeer, strain, squint, probeto bring the Distantclose as thought on every screenthe explainersdispel the mystery no, it can’t be naturalthe shape is too regulartoo perfect, and Natureworks in fractals it must knowContinue reading “The Gods Return”


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