The Gods Return

An original poem. we see it first from afarthe shadow on Saturnsliding across smooth rings a glimpseof a puck on ice eyes and telescopespeer, strain, squint, probeto bring the Distantclose as thought on every screenthe explainersdispel the mystery no, it can’t be naturalthe shape is too regulartoo perfect, and Natureworks in fractals it must knowContinue reading “The Gods Return”

Introducing the Welsh Tattoo Handbook

In my last post I talked a bit about my history with the Welsh language, why I speak it, and about getting the chance to write a book, but I didn’t go into great detail on the book itself. I’d like to give a shout out to the Geeky Gaeilgeoir for inspiring me to doContinue reading “Introducing the Welsh Tattoo Handbook”

The Carousel

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote a famous poem in German, for which I have yet to read what I would consider a satisfying English translation. The original is an extraordinary work of art. Its poetic diction is so ineffably German, the poem itself so sui generis, that any attempt at translation is bound to suffer. TheContinue reading “The Carousel”